Author: David Frith

VoIPon Interviews Xorcom: Redundancy Solutions, Video Conferencing and Success Stories

Today we’re speaking with Ruth Bridger, Xorcom’s VP of Marketing to learn a little more about Xorcom, Redundancy Solutions, Video Conferencing and Xorcom Success Stories. Below is a transcription of the call. 1)      Given Digium’s recent announcement of their R-series redundancy solution are there any misconceptions about Xorcom’s product in the market place that you’d like to address? Well, most definitely Kathleen. I think most of the misconceptions actually are on the part of the Digium engineers. Our TwinStar Solution is field hardened. It’s been available for the last two and half years and we have so many installations around the world that I have a feeling that our partners and our end users are well aware of the advantages, the benefits, of the Xorcom TwinStar Solution. But, if I can just recap a few of the major points that need clarification as per the Digium blog that appeared in the end of the December. I would say that Xorcom has a unique solution due to our special mechanical engineering. What we’ve done is we’ve taken the telephony modules out of the server and placed them in our Astribank. All of the telephony interfaces are located in a separate chasse and that chasse is connected by USB 2.0 cable to the server and in the TwinStar configuration, there are 2 servers. There’s a primary and a backup. The fact...

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VoIPon Interviews Digium: Asterisk 10, R-Series and its New 8-port Card

There has been a lot going on at Digium recently, and today we’re speaking with Steve Sokol, Digium’s Marketing Director for Asterisk to learn a little more about these developments. Below is a transcription of the call.      1)  So, we understand Digium has released three new products recently.  Please provide a quick introduction to each product and its use? Yeah, that’s right. We’ve actually been really busy. And I’ll start out by saying that this is just the beginning. We’ve really got just an amazing line up of products that you’ll be seeing hit the market over the next 6 months or so. But I’m going to talk right now about the three that we’ve already released. The first of those is the TE820, which is the 8- port digital telephony interface card and that is capable of going up to 240 concurrent calls on a single card, which is our highest density card, and it’s really only priced a few hundred dollars over  our 4-port model, for an 8-port card. So it’s a pretty good deal. Like the rest of our digital interface line, the TE820 can connect to T1, E1 or J1 circuits. It’s available in PCIe form factor, which has really become kind of the standard for servers over the last few years. And it is available either with or without hardware echo cancellation....

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New Strategy at Sangoma? A VoIPon Podcast

Today, we’re happy to have the folks from Sangoma, a leading provider of hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP communication systems for both voice and data join us again today to bring us up to speed on the latest developments at their company.

Joining us today is Bill Wignall, their president and CEO and Jeff Dworkin, their director of marketing.

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New Sangoma Blog Launched

Sangoma, leading manufacturer of VoIP cards, VoIP hardware and systems have now made it even easier to stay informed. For all the latest developments at Sangoma, updates on their products and industry news, why not checkout the new Sangoma Blog?...

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Sangoma NetBorder Express now Microsoft Lync certified

Sangoma NetBorder Express – the enterprise class TDM to SIP media gateway – is now Microsoft Lynccertified. The NetBorder Express Media Gateway can be used to provide the following services to a Microsoft Lync implementation:        PSTN and legacy PBX connectivity support with T1, E1, BRI and analog protocols Survivable Branch Appliance to add voice resiliency to your branch offices Connectivity of fax machines and analog devices Microsoft Lync is a unified communications solution that delivers presence, instant messaging, conferencing and enterprise voice capabilities through a single, easy-to-use interface that is consistent across PC and browser. Administrators benefit from a single, consistent management infrastructure, capabilities to increase availability, and interoperability with existing systems.  “Our NetBorder Express Gateway was always designed to be compliant with the Microsoft Lync solution,” said Frederic Dickey, director of product management for Sangoma. “This announcement shows we’ve met our goal.” “Sangoma’s NetBorder Express gateways provide customers an expanded choice in Media Gateway solutions that operate using Windows Server 2008,” said Kapil Sharma, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft. “Sangoma Technologies is working with us to help customers transition their communications into the future with Lync.” Sangoma NetBorder Express Media Gateway is a software application that runs with Sangoma telephony hardware boards. This unique implemenation enables the Media Gateway functionality without having to add an additional server or appliance to the Microsoft Lync implemenation. The NetBorder Express software...

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