Grandstream has released a vast variety of network switches all with their own set of features tailored to all different kinds of business. These 4 series of switches differ in features including PoE and non-PoE options, QoS, fast gigabit speeds and many more.

GWN7700 Unmanaged Switches Series

This series consists of 11 unmanaged network switches, 4 of which are PoE enabled (the models ending in “P”). These switches vary in size, enclosure material, number of ports, and other features. These switches are a cost-effective solution designed to add high speed gigabit connectivity to small-medium businesses and home offices.

GWN7700 Series

GWN7800 layer 2+ managed Switches Series

This series contains 8 managed switches with a range of 8-48 ports. Four of these models are PoE enabled in all ports (the models ending in “P”). The GWN7806 and GWN7806P, the newest models, also contain 6 SFP+ ports. These 2 models can also be stacked for easy management of up to 16 switches. The GWN7800 series also supports advanced VLAN, advanced QoS, IGMP Snooping, and comprehensive security capabilities to ensure maximum security and ease of use, ideal for small-medium enterprises.

GWN7800 Series

GWN7810 layer 3 managed Switches Series

The GWN7810 series encompasses 5 Layer 3 managed switches. These switches, including 3 PoE enabled switches, have a range of 8-24 gigabit ethernet ports including 2-4 SFP+ ports. These switches enable easy construction and management of networks making them ideal for medium-large businesses and enterprises.

GWN7810 AGGREGATION Switches Series

Introducing Grandstream’s newest series of switches, the GWN7830 series. This series consists of 3 non-PoE aggregation switches designed for medium-large businesses and enterprises requiring high performance networks with maximum capacity and control. These switches utilise SFP and SFP+ ports for maximum flexibility.

GWN7830 Series

how can you manage these switches?

Managing all of these switches has never been easier through Grandstream’s free GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager. These are free to use, enterprise-grade, management platforms that can be used to manage a variety of Grandstream products such as switches, routers, and access points.

What Grandstream products can you use with your switch?

The PoE enabled models of these switches allow seamless connection of other Grandstream products such as Access Points (outdoor / indoor), IP Phones and Routers.

Are you interested to know more about our variety of products?

If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195.