Digium have announced the Digium Switchvox Subscription Amnesty program for expired on-premises Switchvox customers. This program allows customers with lapsed support subscriptions to bring their subscriptions up to date without paying the usual backfill and reinstatement fees associated with the existing renewal process.

Digium is offering this subscription amnesty throughout Q2.

Additional benefits of the Subscription Amnesty program:

Savings – Typically customers would be required to backfill any expired support and may incur an additional reinstatement fee. This promotion allows them to start fresh without requiring additional costs.

Access to the latest Switchvox features and products – With access to the latest version of Switchvox software, customers can take advantage of new features, bug fixes, security patches, the new Switchvox Softphone for iPhone, the WebRTC video call panel and much more.

Technical support access – Customers enjoy renewed support from Digium’s world-class support technicians.

Who: All Distributor, Select, Registered, Affiliate, DMR, and Service Provider Partners

What: Purchase the Update and Maintenance for Switchvox SMB, along with one Gold, Titanium or Platinum subscription renewal for each phone-type extension attached to Switchvox. Purchases covered with this offer are 1-, 2- or 4-year renewals. An equal number SMB maintenance years and Gold, Titanium or Platinum subscriptions must be purchased to qualify.

When: Qualified products purchased April 15 – June 30, 2015.

How: The process to order subscription renewals through this amnesty program is as follows:

To view registered systems and subscription status, please Contact Us

1) Enter the first four (4) digits of Switchvox Registration Code in the Subscription Wizard www.digium.com/subs to determine part numbers and quantities to be ordered.

2) Place the renewal order with your Distributor, providing the first four (4) digits of Switchvox Registration Code along with the part numbers and quantities. *The Switchvox Reinstatement Fee part number (1SWXSUPRFEE) will be provided at no charge, but must be included in your maintenance and subscription renewal order*.

*NOTE: A renewal order that does not include the reinstatement fee and Switchvox Registration Code will *not* be eligible for the amnesty promo.

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