2N Telecommunications who produce high quality and reliable VoIP security products, has announced they have successfully passed BroadSoft’s demanding certification process. This means that all 2N products that support SIP protocol are now fully compatible with Broadsoft PBX.

BroadSoft, the global market share leader for cloud business communications, offers telephone service providers and mobile operators an effective transition from traditional systems to mobile and cloud solutions.

After months of rigorous testing, all possible scenarios were tested to ensure error-free communication between these two systems. Basic scenarios include verifying 2N device registration for the BroadWorks PBX, establishing and setting up calls, transmitting video during calls and controlling locks with the aid of DTMF options.

These and many other tests were successful and BroadSoft officially confirmed that all 2N products which support the SIP protocol, i.e. IP intercoms and SIP audio products with FW 2.23.0, are completely compatible, functional and certified with BroadWorks release 22.0.

This article was originally published on 2N’s blog.