The 2N Indoor Touch and 2N Helios IP Force have been put to the test by 2N and have endured repeated high impact and pressure to test product durability.

The 2N Indoor Touch received impact from half-kilogram steel ball directly on the display. The impact of the ball usually penetrates majority of object that get in its way. The 2N Indoor Touch had great durability holding up and not showing any signs of weakness against the steel ball showing how good value for money this product truly is.

The product has Maximal resistivity against dust, water, and mechanical damage, meaning it is the most resistant intercom on the market right now. The 2N Indoor Touch has some features such as:

  • High-quality audio
  • Entrance monitoring and following the movement of people
  • Easy installation and integration into the existing LAN

The 2N Helios IP Force, on the other hand, had been run over with a Land Rover Discovery off-road vehicle weighing 1800 kilograms. This is proved not only by the video stream from the intercom camera, but also by the call successfully made immediately after the test.

The 2N Helios IP Forces durability also came out on top of the endurance test beating the Land Rover weighing 1800 kilograms. The 2N Helios IP Force intercom guarantees resistance to external influences. Even in the most extreme conditions, it will guarantee you pleasant communication with the people coming to your door and absolute control over your domain.

The 2N Helios IP Force features includes :

  • High clarity and volume in noisy environments
  • Entrance monitoring and following the movement of people
  • The most resistant intercom on the market

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