2N IP intercoms have successfully passed IK10 impact resistance tests quality. During testing, the 2N intercoms were subjected to impacts of up to 20 joules and all retained full functionality. 

These demanding tests were conducted in the modern laboratories of the Electrical Test Institute of the Czech Republic.

After testing the complete portfolio of our IP intercoms, 2N then connected up individual products and checked their functionality. And the result? As all intercoms retained complete functionality.

2N have confirmed that the following  intercoms were awarded the Protection against mechanical impacts standard:

In practice this means that 2N Helios SIP Door Entry System’s are impact resistant to a strength equal to a 5 kg object dropped from a height of 40 cm. Following on from IP69K cover tests, the latest IK10 resistance tests are further confirmation that 2N IP intercoms are suitable for even the most demanding installations of our customers.

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