2N Telecommunications, one of the leading SIP door intercom manufacturers on the market, have recently announced the release of the newest addition to their Helios IP intercom range. The 2N Helios IP Solo is a stylish and compact intercom developed particularly for your smart home entrance. It can also be used for office buildings, offering a flexible solution that can be both surface and flush mounted to suit your preference.

Key Features and Benefits

Simple Installation
The installation is easy for anyone to use due to the open API aspect of this intercom. It can also be integrated into any existing home or business automation system.

Stylish and Durable
The brushed nickel exterior gives the Helios IP Solo a luxury finish. This, coupled with the one fitted button and the industrial high-grade materials used to make this intercom, makes this unit suitable for many scenarios.

2N have released two versions of the Helios IP Solo to ensure that all customer preferences and requirements are met. With one being able to be surface mounted, and the other flush mounted, 2N have thought of every option to help get the most out of the Helios IP Solo.

Mobile and Tablet Compatible
The 2N Helios IP Solo allows you to call a mobile or a tablet over the local network- whether that be through WiFi or through cellular data.

Night and Day Video
Thanks to the high resolution settings and infrared backlight, the camera guarantees a sharp video of the visitor at any time of the day and night. As the camera is hidden from normal view, the intruder will not know that they are being monitored!

Email Compatible
The 2N Helios IP Solo also allows you to stay connected via email. Through this medium, you are able to email snapshots of the visitor, which can be captured by the camera at any time of the call.

External Camera Add-Ons
Have a blind spot that you are worried about? Well, with the 2N Helios IP Solo you can connect an external IP camera to the intercom to eliminate all blind spots.

Typical Usages

  • Residential video door communication
  • Business offices wanting to save cost of reception facilities
  • Home video monitoring
  • Video doorbell for your smartphone
  • Hands-free video communication

The 2N Helios IP Solo is available with a wide range of intercom accessories to make your IP intercom system as simple as possible. There are also several apps available for your smartphones, tablets, and your PCs, making this compact unit flexible to suit any demanding lifestyle.

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