2N Telecommunications, a leading manufacturer in SIP door intercoms, have released a new firmware update for the Helios IP Intercom range. The latest 2.21.0 firmware is now available for download and includes many enhancements for installers, as well as end-users.

An advantage of the firmware update is the innovation of the Automation 2.0 interface, where the user can make an intercom perform unique functions which cannot otherwise be set up. To make this option available to as many users as possible, 2N have designed a brand new, user-friendly interface. With this latest update, users no longer need to have a physical manual with them at all times, or check complex strings of commands. An easy-to-use help function is now part of the new layout, alongside a logical visual sequence of individual steps. This impressive feature from 2N’s 2.21.0 firmware update is specifically designed to minimise any time-wasting.

Another improvement that the 2.21.0 firmware update brings is the manual mode for the 2N Helios IP Verso display. You can now quickly and easily add an image to the screen via HTTP API. This image can span the entire screen, however it also allows the visitor to use the intercom before it appears again. In other words, any master software of the user is able to display messages on the intercom screen online, potentially control it entirely, or just simply use it as a remote display screen.

2N’s latest version of this firmware also supports a new type of cards – the HID iClass Corporate 1000, in both 35bit and 48bit versions. They enable scanning both serial numbers and the secured sector numbers (PACS ID). This increases compatibility with existing access systems that clients may already have installed.

This updated firmware release offers the user flexibility, ease-of-use, and, of course, additional security for your 2N Helios IP Intercoms. To upgrade to version 2.21.0 firmware, simply go to the configuration settings of your device. It is worth noting that if you are currently using the 2N Access Commander, the firmware 2.21.0 can only be used with 2N Access Commander 1.8.0 or higher.

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