3CX and Beronet have recently announced a strategic partnership to provide a complete IP PBX solution. Joining us today is Nick Galea CEO of 3CX and Gürsel Kücük, one of the founders of Beronet.

Below is a summary of our call.

VoIPon: Nick, last time we spoke, you mentioned you’d like to explain to us a little more about 3CX and how it works with the various VoIP gateways on the market. Why don’t you tell us a little more about your various interoperability partners?

[Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX] Yes, so 3CX is an open standard solution. We support SIP standard. So we can work with a broad range of SIP devices, including, of course, various VoIP gateways and also IP phones. This is very important for a customer, because they won’t get tied down to a particular brand.

At the same time, we want to of course give an end-to-end user experience and make it easy for a customer to configure 3CX phone with all the different SIP devices. So, what we’ve done is included auto configuration for all the popular VoIP gateways and IP phones that we support, we also have configuration guides, and we also have end to end technical support for supported VoIP gateways, which include Patton Gateways, Beronet Gateways, and of course, Sangoma Gateways & Grandstream Gateways. So we can support various VoIP gateways from different manufacturers, so partners and customers can choose what’s best for them. Plus, we can still provide end to end support, both in the software, as well as through technical support with the customers, so they can be sure they will have a complete working solution.

VoIPon: So Nick, maybe you can tell me, what is so great about the Berofix range?

[Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX] Well, it’s available as a card and as a separate device—so resellers can deploy the same device either in a server or as a separate box, based on customer wishes. It’s priced well too with an E1 gateway well under 1000 Euros. Furthermore, the solution will be available with GSM modules too in the future, which means customers can use the same gateway for both ISDN and GSM, should the need arise.

VoIPon:  Gürsel, is there anything you’d like to add?

[Gürsel Kücük, Co-Founder of Beronet] Due to the modular concept, Berofix is a hybrid solution. Currently, you can mix PRI and BRI modules on one card or even in a box. We are currently working on analog modules (FXS and FXO) as well as on GSM modules. As soon as they are ready, the scope of combinations will be more and more attractive.

VoIPon: Gürsel, what makes Berofix cards different?

[Gürsel Kücük, Co-Founder of Beronet] In comparison to other Media Gateways, Berofix has a very attractive cost-performance ratio. And in comparison to other card solutions, Berofix has a lot more features, for instance T.38 and Codec translation. Berofix is a gateway card and this makes it very unique.

VoIPon: Nick, how about from your perspective, what makes these cards different?

[Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX] Even though they are cards and can be deployed in a server, they are not dependent on the OS, meaning they don’t require drivers and can be addressed via IP. This makes it possible to use the cards in a virtualized environment.

VoIPon: Why bundle 3CX with Berofix?

[Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX] A great thing about 3CX is that you can support both VoIP providers and existing PSTN lines at the same time. This allows a gradual migration and you can keep using your existing ISDN lines as long as you want.

WIth the 3CX/Berofix bundle, customers can buy a total solution and migrate it very cost effectively, whilst being assured of single vendor support. 3CX will support this solution end to end.

Gürsel, Why is Beronet happy to be able to offer this bundle in combination with 3CX?

[Gürsel Kücük, Co-Founder of Beronet] 3CX is one of the leading Software IP PBX vendors for Windows systems and we are happy to assist them with our Berofix solution. 3CX has been rapidly gaining market share because the software is Windows based and easy to manage. The market has been demanding such a solution, and the combination with our Berofix cards makes even more easy to install and to manage an end to end PBX solution.

Please visit the VoIPon website for the 3CX/ Beronet-Berofix bundle promotion.