Today, Octasic announced that it is offering solutions for 3G-324M gateways, video conferencing, mobile video, video streaming and IVVR for 3G phones.

The company is adding RADVISION’s 3G-324M stacks to its recently enhanced Vocallo Media Gateway (MGW) solution, which is enabling Octasic to deliver a complete gateway solution for the rapidly growing mobile video market.

This is all done via packet based API and doesn’t require any DSP processing.

“Enhancing our Vocallo MGW with RADVISION’s stacks extends our reach in the mobile video gateway market to include today’s 3G handsets,” saids James Awad, product manager at Octasic in a company news release. “By relying on the industry expert for this protocol, our customers can rest assured that all interoperability testing has been completed, allowing them to focus on the development of video gateway solutions to address today’s expanding 3G market.”

Anatoli Levine, Director of Product Management at RADVISION added, “Our 3G-324M stack enables the development of a wide range of 3G products, handsets and servers. With Vocallo, video gateway design engineers now have an all-in-one solution that incorporates our 3G-324M stacks to deliver the best in voice and video quality available today.”

It will be interesting to see what new products incorporate this technology and how it rolls out in the new future.