Author: James Chapman

New VoIPon YouTube Channel

It’s not just about text & pics – we are lovers of the moving picture. We know Asterisk & the various VoIP systems and hardware can be beasts to set up, so we’re pulling together some of the best stuff on YouTube to try to help everyone out. We also expect to have some of our own very useful video up there very soon too. So, watch this space. Meantime, all input appreciated: VoIPon on YouTube:...

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Welcome to VoIP Uncovered

Welcome to the VoIP Uncovered blog from VoIPon. We hope to share our wealth of knowledge of the VoIP industry with anyone who cares to read. We will also be posting top news, reviews and any insider information that our manufacturers might just let us sneak out.. Check back regularly as we update and expand ‘VoIP...

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