Fanvil Technology has announced that the newly announced H series of hotel phones, along with the X series of Fanvil VoIP Phones, are both compatible with the 3CX Phone System (V15). Supported models include the Fanvil X3S, X4/G and H3.

With a combined 3CX and Fanvil Solution, you can benefit from:

Support RPS with 3CX provisioning

If users deploy a 3CX system on the internet, Fanvil phones could be provisioned and deployed remotely via RPS (Redirected Provisioning System).

Support for One Touch Access to Fanvil phones

The 3CX administrator could access the Fanvil phone web management system directly via the 3CX interface, there is no need to manually input the username/password to log in.

Support Let’s Encrypt Certification for HTTPS

Let’s Encrypt is a public, automated and open certificate authority provide by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). With it, Fanvil phones could make a trusted security certificate for HTTPS provisioning with a 3CX system.

We are very excited about this solution. People always want to spend their money smarter, and this solution powered by Fanvil new phones and 3CX system can help customers to create more value on their cost.” said Fanvil CEO Robbin.”3CX is one of leading developer of next generation software PBX in all over the world.We promise to work closer and harder to provide easier solution for the market”

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