Read about it here first.  AVM has just released two new entry level FRITZ!Box devices.

FRITZ!Box Fon 7113

The FRITZ!Box Fon 7113 unlike its 7140 counterpart only offers 2 analogue ports and one LAN connection without the USB connectivity, multiple LAN connections and additional ports that the higher end 7140 model offers.

With FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN phone calls over the Internet are designed to be as easy as they should be: connect your existing telephones and pick up the receiver.

You can easily use voice over IP and route calls over the internet using  your existing phone number and without your PC.

The German engineered FRITZ! Box device also enables PCs to connect to the internet via ADSL over ethernet or wireless LAN.

FRITZ!Box Fon 5113

FRITZ!Box Fon 5113 is a a scaled back version without the WLAN capabilities.  Unlike the FRITZ! Box Fon 5124 that offers 1 USB-host and 4 LAN ports plus  2 analog extensions the FRITZ!Box Fon 5113 offers:

  • 2 ports for analog terminal devices like telephones, fax or answering machines
  • Can be connected to ADSL or ADSL + fixed-line network
  • 1 x Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) for connecting and networking computers

Read more about this product on the VoIPon website.