GVC3200 delivers stunning visual communications with disruptive features, performance and price

Grandstream Networks have announced the availability of a new game-changing video conferencing solution, the Grandstream GVC3200. The GVC3200 offers small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a revolutionary video conferencing system with unprecedented platform flexibility, features, performance and price. This powerful and high quality room-based video conferencing solution is extremely easy to install/operate and interoperates with a large variety of major video conferencing products and services (such as Blue Jeans, Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, etc.), popular Android video apps (such as Skype™, Google Hangouts), and more.

The GVC3200 offers small or large businesses an unparalleled IP video conferencing solution with disruptive competitive edges,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “This innovative product eliminates many of the traditional barriers to video conferencing, such as lack of interoperability with 3rd party products & apps, complexity of installation & operation, high cost of professional quality endpoints, etc.” He added, “The GVC3200 offers boardroom telepresence video quality with the ease of plug-and-play and at a fraction of current market prices. In addition to broad interoperability with major 3rd party video conferencing platforms, the GVC3200 provides native support for various popular Android video apps and the incredible capability of bridging calls made with these Android apps with SIP platforms to create a multi-party/hybrid-protocol conference. In a unique class of its own that does not exist elsewhere, the GVC3200 creates a new category of high quality smart video conferencing solutions that offer unrivaled flexibility, ease of use, application power and market-leading affordability.

Successful SIP testing between the GVC3200 and BlueJeans cloud platform has been completed. Highlights of the GVC3200’s competitive features include:

  • Advanced Video Support – Multi-stream H.264 High Profile 1080p full-HD video at 30fps, up to 9-way local video conferencing, advanced Sony Megapixel imaging sensor with top-notch picture quality, support for 3 TV displays through 3 HDMI outputs, and a local/far-end controllable PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera with a premium wide angle lens and 12x optical zoom.
  • State-of-the-art Hardware – The GVC3200’s extremely powerful hardware platform includes a sophisticated MCU engine allowing up to 9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses; high performance hardware ISP (Image Signal Processing) engine that ensures an industry leading video experience.
  • Smart Application Integration – Android 4.4-based design with native support for all Android apps and easy custom development; patent-pending technology to bridge video calls using proprietary protocols (such as Skype™, Skype™ for Business, Google Hangouts, etc.) with open standard SIP-based video calls in a single conference.
  • Broad Interoperability – Extraordinary flexibility as the GVC3200 can communicate with major thirdparty SIP (and soon H.323) video conferencing platforms & services (such as Blue Jeans, Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, etc.), popular Android apps, nearly all of the SIP-based on-premise IP PBX systems (such as Grandstream’s UCM-series), and hosted IP PBX service (such as Broadsoft, etc.).
  • Easy Installation & Operation – 3-step (connect to TV, connect to microphone/speaker, connect to network), “zero configuration” plug-and-play setup and use for end users when used with Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Pro cloud NAT traversal service running on Amazon Web Service (AWS).
  • Secure Collaboration & Screen Sharing – Built-in HDMI and VGA inputs allow users to securely share/control their computer screen (1080p resolution) to collaborate with remote parties while simultaneously conducting a multi-party full HD videoconference.
  • Flexible Network Connection & System Control – Integrated Gigabit network port and dual-band 802.11b/g/n WiFi client offers maximum network connection flexibility in different application scenarios; integrated Bluetooth allows the use of a companion Bluetooth based multi-touch remote control, smart phones, Bluetooth headsets/speakers/microphones/keyboards, or other Bluetooth devices (e.g., Bluetooth medical sensors) for easy operation control and data exchange with the GVC3200.

GVC3200 Webinars

Two upcoming webinars are scheduled to introduce the GVC3200 video conferencing system:

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