The DP750, cordless base station and DP720, HD handset offer endless mobility options to business, retail, warehouse and residential users

Grandstream have announced the release of their new DECT IP cordless telephony solution – the DP750 and DP720. The DP750 is a long-range DECT VoIP base station that pairs with the DP720, a cordless HD handset with an intuitive colour-screen operating system and HD audio. This powerful DECT solution adds mobility for business, retail, warehouse and residential users looking for a restriction-free communications environment packed with enhanced features.

This new DECT IP solution was engineered from the ground up to bring powerful DECT cordless technology to our customers packed with new, enhanced features such as full HD audio, an intuitive colour-screen operating system, headset compatibility and more,” said David Li CEO of Grandstream. “We couldn’t have asked for better end results from this solution- it’s an indicator of Grandstream’s constant strive to exceed our limits and deliver high-quality products to our customers. Our channels are excited about this new solution and we are thrilled to deliver the DP750 and DP720 to them.

DP750 DECT IP Base Station key features:

  • Each DP750 pairs with up to 5 DP720 handsets and supports a range up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors
  • Shared SIP account on all handsets to add unified features allowing users to answer calls at any location while offering 4 ring group options to ensure that calls are always heard and answered: circular, linear, parallel and shared mode
  • Supports up to 10 distinct SIP accounts per DECT system
  • Built-in POE to power the DP750
  • Zero configuration provisioning when used with Grandstream’s UCM series of IP PBX to make setup and management quick and easy

DP720 DECT IP Handset key features:

  • Up to 5 DP720s pair with each DP750 base station, supporting a range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors away from the DP750
  • Supports up to 10 SIP accounts/10 lines per handset and 3-way conferencing
  • Offers a full-colour-screen operating system for intuitive use
  • A built-in 3.5mm headset jack for easy use of headsets; includes a removable belt clip
  • Micro-USB port for alternative charging and non-battery operation
  • HD audio on both the speakerphone and handset
  • Supports software and firmware updates over-the-air

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