New Beta test features a powerful indoor HD IP surveillance camera with infrared technology for day/night use

Grandstream has announced it is releasing its next surveillance product for $1 beta testing by the Grandstream Beta Club. Grandstream will be opening applications for the beta test of a new indoor infrared IP video surveillance camera from October 16th to October 31st, 2014. To apply go to

The Grandstream Beta Club is starting its sixth product beta test, having thus far tested two Android video phones, an innovative new IP PBX appliance, a network video recorder, and a softphone application. The newest beta product will be the first IP surveillance camera to be tested by the Beta Club. All the feedback from our valued testers has been integral in preparing our products for the official public release and we are very excited to begin the next beta test for our soon-to-be released video surveillance camera.

For the next $1 beta test, the Grandstream Beta Club is looking for IP video surveillance aficionados; those who like to experiment with and test new products, and those whose innovative ideas can transform the way in which IP video surveillance is applied in today’s market. Ideal applicants are those who have extensive experience with IP video surveillance devices, including cameras, encoders, decoders, recording devices and video management software. Those who display a dedicated interest in exploring IP technology are also invited to apply.

The newest product being released to the Grandstream Beta Club is an advanced fixed-dome HD IP surveillance camera with infrared technology for day/night use indoors. Its advanced ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology powered with a high performance imaging sensor and a high quality 2.8mm lens ensures high fidelity video quality in a wide range of light environments. It features cutting edge H.264 real-time video compression with excellent image clarity, SIP/VoIP for video streaming and 2-way audio to smart phones and videophones, integrated microphone, speaker, PoE, IR-CUT for day/night mode, and advanced security protection. The surveillance camera can be managed with GSurf Pro, as well as other ONVIF compliant video management systems. 60 units of this surveillance camera will be available for shipping to selected Beta Club members around October 31st. 

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