SmartNode VoIP Equipment Honored for Delivering Exceptional IP-Communications Solution for Norbert-Dentrassangle’s Italy Operations

Patton smartnodePatton Electronics has won the 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for its IP-communications solution delivered for the logistics and supply-chain management firm, Norbert Dentrassangle (ND), Italy operations.

Today’s announcement marks Patton’s third Excellence Award and eleventh major industry award for the Patton SmartNode brand of VoIP solutions since 2005. Implemented by systems-integration partner Techlan Reti, Patton’s award-winning solution employs a wide assortment of SmartNode VoIP gateway, gateway-router, VoIP IAD and ip Channel Bank products to provide a converged-IP voice-and-data network that interconnects numerous ND facilities in the Trezzo, Italy region.

We did not even consider other alternatives, “Alessio Miranda, Project Manager for IP Phone Solutions at TECHLAN Reti explained.”We decided on Patton from the very beginning because we already knew that SmartNode is VoIP that works.”

Leveraging the legendary reliability of SmartNode VoIP equipment, Techlan’s system design ties together new-generation SIP phones and iPBX systems with traditional analog and ISDN voice gear from several manufacturers, while providing access to WIFI wireless, UMTS GSM, and the local PSTN —all interconnected over ND’s corporate MPLS network.

ND facilities vary widely with respect to existing telephony equipment and services, as well as scale. Sites range from remote branches with 1-8 seats, to mid-size offices with up to 32 phones, to large regional headquarters employing one hundred or more workers.

Offering a complete line of SmartNode VoIP solutions scaling from 2 to 2048 voice and fax-over-IP channels, Patton was able to address the broad diversity of needs, transitioning costly and complex legacy network architecture into a streamlined all-IP network.