RPS is a service for Yealink customers all over the world. By simply entering the MAC address of an IP phone and the URL of the provision server into Yealink’s RPS, upon initial boot-up thephone can be redirected to its pre-assigned server for configuration updating. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to unpack, configure or repack a phone before shipping to the customer. This greatly simplifies mass deployment by automatically configuration, and saves a lot of time and money for deployment.

  •  Zero-touch Mass Deployment
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Direct Shipping to customers
  • High Security & High Reliability

Benefits of RPS

Plug and Play Installation
For customers , it is no longer necessary to manually configurate and upgrade the phone. Plug in the power and connecting to Internet, configuration can be provisioned automatically.

Direct Shipping

Phones no longer need to be shipped from Valueadded reseller to service provider before they are shipped to consumers. Value-added reseller can directly ship phones to the customers. This will save a lot of time and costs.

High Security & High Reliability

RPS connection is encrypted by the HTTPS to ensure high-security. In addition, based on cloud computing service, highly reliable servers and backup mechanism, reliability can be guaranteed.

How to Use RPS

1, Obtain access to Yealink’s RPS server from your VoIPon sales representative

2, Register the MAC addresses of your Yealink IP Phones to be configured with the URL of your provisioning server on Yealink’s RPS server

3, Power your Yealink phones & connect them to the web

4, Your phone automatically fetches its own configuration file with the latest firmware and the location of your provisioning server from Yealink’s RPS server

5, Your Yealink phone connects to your provisioning server, and provisions itself

6, Yealink’s RPS is particularly useful for VoIP Service Providers. Service Providers can easily edit and manage phones without ever needing local access to the phone. RPS administration is less of a hassle for end users and lets them feel independent while still receiving necessary provisioning services. When the Service Provider configures the MAC addresses and URL of the provisioning server, it eliminates the need for users to edit their own provisioning URL paths. RPS helps VoIP Service Providers make an outstanding first impression with new customers in the most vital stage of their relationship.

How to get Started with RPS Today:

To get started please contact the VoIPon Sales team by emailing [email protected]