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Sangoma Releases Version 4 of NetBorder SS7 Media Gateway (formerly known as SMG)

Sangoma SS7 Media Gateway Solutions continue to evolve with the release of Sangoma NetBorder SS7 Media Gateway (or NSG), formerly known as Sangoma Media Gateway (SMG). Improvements in this version include the addition of Telco grade SS7 protocol stacks with multiple ISUP variants, a single ISO-based installation process, and a web-based GUI for easier installation, configuration and management of the system.

Sangoma ISDN BRI Board Now Supports Dadhi Natively

The latest WANPIPE drivers (version 3.5), released on August 25, add the native support of Dadhi for our Sangoma A500 ISDN BRI line interface boards. Customers using our Sangoma A500 boards can now benefit from the native support of the BRI protocol in Asterisk, as well as leveraging software based echo cancellation when appropriate.