David Frith, Marketing Manager at VoIPon Solutions, interviews Michael Yuan, VP of Akuvox.

The pair discuss Akuvox’s history with Star-net, competing in the UK market, their VoIP phone and SIP Door phone ranges, competitors and future plans.

You can listen to the podcast above and read the transcript below.

VoIPon: Broadcasting from various countries around the world using Voice over IP technology, this is VoIP Uncovered, a VoIPon Solutions UK podcast. I’m David Frith and today we are interviewing Akuvox, and I am delighted to welcome Michael Yuan, Vice President of Akuvox Networks. Thank you for joining us today Michael.

VoIPon: Please can you tell the VoIPon audience about Akuvox and give us a brief history of the company, including how you are backed by globally branded Star-net?

Akuvox: Ok, thanks David. Akuvox was founded by a group of experienced engineers in 2012. Our mission is “improving communication experience forever”, so everything we do is for better communication. At first, we focused on developing VoIP phones and released series of IP Phones in the end of 2013. Then we launched Android video phone and SIP door phone in 2014. Last year, Akuvox was merged by Star-net Group, which is a famous network and communication provider in China. Star-net has 30-years experience in network, unified communication, video application, intercom and security. It insists on “innovation, quality and service” which is same as our operation philosophy. Star-net has more than 3000 R&D engineers and world class manufacture facilities. Backed by Star-net, Akuvox can develop innovative products by converging technologies from different areas and achieve customers’ high standard requirements very well. At the same time, Star-net will provide Akuvox with enough financial support to develop innovative products and exploit global markets. Today, Akuvox is known as a leading provider of telecommunication solutions and products worldwide. Our products have been delivered to more than 80 countries.

VoIPon: The UK market is new ground for Akuvox. How do you see yourself fitting into the market with Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream and snom?

Akuvox: Overall, VoIP products definitely have greater demand and rapid-growing potential worldwide. As an important advanced telecommunication technology applying country in Europe, the UK will bring a great chance for every VoIP product vendor. To fit into this market, mainly we will take three steps. Firstly, UK customers will know Akuvox by IP phones since currently IP phone is our mainstream product. Our full range of IP phones with the same quality as those famous brands can gain certain market share. Secondly, we will let customers pay more attention to Akuvox by differentiation products such as the Android video phone, the health care SIP phone and the Android video intercom. These products will help us gain larger market share in some specific industry sectors. Thirdly, we will establish obvious advantages by converging technologies of several areas including VoIP, intercom and security. We will integrate other technologies from Star-net. Especially, we will focus on Android, SIP, video and security features. Our products will be well integrated with mobile internet. So, to succeed in the UK market, it will take us a long time. The process will not be easy and fast. But we have enough resource and patience to implement our strategy step by step. Definitely, we need ambitious partners such as VoIPon to execute effective promotion and perfect service locally.

VoIPon: Could you tell us about your VoIP phone range that includes models such as the Akuvox SP-R59P and SP-R53P, and how does this range compare to the Yealink T2 range of phones, and Grandstream models such as the GXP1630?

Akuvox: Akuvox products now have 5 models of IP phone. The R50P with 1 SIP account; R52P with 2 SIP accounts; R53P with 3 SIP accounts. The R55P comes with an acrylic cover with 3 SIP accounts; And also R59P with 6 SIP accounts. Overall, Akuvox R5 series is at the same level as Yealink T2 series, and the Akuvox phones have good interoperability, outstanding industrial design and reliable quality. We believe, technically, Akuvox phones have far better software architecture than other brands, that allows us to add features and fix bugs very easily and fast, so we can  respond to the market quickly.

Secondly, we are using Audiocodes chipset. Its performance is as good as the TI chipset. As a matter of fact, the voice quality is much better than other brand’s chipset. Furthermore, We also give a better user experience through many design details, such as quick boot up, friendly UI, high resolution LCD etc. And we still keep moving forward to fulfill customers’ needs.

VoIPon: Akuvox also have SIP Door Entry systems available. Could you tell us a bit about the different models available, such as the SDP-R29 and how they compare to other SIP Door Entry systems, such as Fanvil and 2N?

Akuvox: Of course. The Akuvox R2 series is our SIP door phone series. The SDP-R25 and SDP-R29 are the major members in our SIP door phone family. They all work great with our Android video phones. R25 is a single-button door phone based on SIP protocol. It comes with a 2 mega pixel camera to ensure the clear view for daily use. It is a perfect choice for home use, such as a villa. Comparing with R25, R29 is a new generation door phone for both office and building sector use. Showcasing a brilliant 7’’ capacitive colour touch-screen, it provides a friendly user interface. It has a range of rich intercom features such as IC Card, passcode and Pattern unlocking. We love the idea to link intercom devices with mobile devices, and R29 is the one based on Android 4.4 OS. It offers users full access to the 3rd party Apps. We can create Apps for R29 without any limitation. Thus, people can answer visitor’s call anywhere anytime on their mobile devices, so they will never miss a call.

VoIPon: Why should VoIPon customers purchase Akuvox products over rival companies such as Yealink, Grandstream, snom and Fanvil?

Akuvox: “Quality, service and innovation” are what we are pursuing. And I think those are the main factors people like Akuvox products more. We attach great importance to quality. Our group company STAR-NET has world-class manufacture facility with excellent quality system. It delivers thousands of high quality products every day and remains a good reputation in the market. About service, Akuvox provide all-range professional service including pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. For example, we not only sell products, but also give consultation, proposal and solution according to different requirements. Even we can offer flexible customization service. Our positive in-sale service is very helpful to our partners. Perfect after-sale service makes end users feel confident in our products. Innovation is always the soul of a good company. By taking differentiation strategy, Akuvox is devoted to developing innovative and valued products such as Android Video Phone, Android video intercom and SIP Emergency call station, all of which are different from other companies in the market. Thus, our customers can not only purchase high-quality and innovative products, but also get good service from Akuvox. They will certainly get good user experience.

VoIPon: Do Akuvox have any plans to release any new products in the near future?

Akuvox: Yes. We will launch several new products in the forth quarter. Firstly, a series of gigabit SIP phones: R59G, based on current R59P, it supports gigabit ethernet. The R63G with 3 SIP accounts, gigabit, and colour display, the R67G, 6 SIP accounts, gigabit, and a 4.3 inch colour LCD. These models will complete our IP phones series and satisfy the different needs of end users. Secondly, there will be two new model Android video phones. Now we have R47P, but it is ethernet is megabit. We will release R47G in November which supports gigabit and has a higher resolution LCD (800×480 pixels). Another new model is R49P, comparing to R47P, it has no keypad and its outlook is more elegant. Many intercom vendors like its design and plan to use it as indoor station. Finally, we will launch a model especially for the health care market. R15P is a SIP phone designed for elderly. It has big buttons and big display characters. With a pendant, the elderly user can call a preseted telephone number remotely. We hope these new products can be helpful to end users.

VoIPon: Thank you for joining us today Michael, and for bringing VoIPon listeners up to date with the latest developments at Akuvox. This has been a VoIP Uncovered UK Podcast. For more information visit www.voipon.co.uk

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