Yealink has announced a  new interoperability partnership with the ITSP Flowroute.

Full interoperability has now been confirmed between the service platform of America ITSP Flowroute and Yealink VoIP Phones, specifically the Yealink T38G, VP530, T46G and DECT phone W52P that have all recently passed full compatibility testing with the carrier.

Flowroute is dedicated to creating strong global connections for end-users through its VoIP service which is designed for businesses and charged at wholesale rates. Flowroute’s built-in smart features include toll-free numbers that can be forwarded to any location in the world, caller identification CNAM profiles and caller name storage, location-aware E911 functions, plus free iNum numbers that are local anywhere in the world.

The Flowroute outbound service connects to local exchange carriers throughout the contiguous mainland USA and most of Canada. The new partnership between Yealink and Flowroute will help enterprising and imaginative businesses that need to co-ordinate communications between employees and customers working remotely to operate efficiently without the need to invest in high-cost location-based infrastructure.

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