Yealink, and Russian provider of unique server solutions for video conferencing Vinteo, have successfully performed cross-testing of their products and announced full technical compatibility. This agreement covers the Yealink VC series videoconferencing room systems and Vinteo Server.

Our company entered the video conferencing market with innovative solutions that are designed to help businesses leverage high-quality videoconferencing with remarkable ease and cost-effectiveness,” said Yealink Vice President Stone Lu. “Vinteo is one of the most promising and rapidly developing projects of video servers solutions in Russia and the CIS,” Mr. Stone added. “We are very pleased to enter into this Vinteo agreement, which testifies to the broad interoperability of our solutions and helps us expand our presence in the Russian market.”

Vinteo Server is a unique Russian solution for video conferencing and is based on a classical model in which stream mixing is performed on the server side rather than on the client side. Support for common standards allows the Vinteo server to reach almost complete (more than 90%) interoperability with other vendor equipment, including with industry leaders.

All the video server features are now available to users of Yealink video conferencing terminals: multipoint conference in Continuous Presence with support for DuoVideo (H.239, BFCP), implementation of the H.264 High Profile protocol and H.265, support for web browsers on personal computers as a terminal videoconferencing equipment (WebRTC), support up to Full HD (1080p) high-quality video and a large number of video layouts (both automatic and configurable by the administrator), the ability to record a video conference in high-quality Full HD (1080p).

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