Today on VoIP TV we look at the Yealink T41P, an entry level and feature-rich SIP phone for business..

The T41P is part of the Yealink SIP Phone range and delivers a rich visual experience with superb sound quality.

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Yealink T41P Review – Transcript

Craig Herrett, VoIPon: Hello and welcome to VoIP TV, VoIPon Solutions’ video product review channel. I’m Craig Herrett, sales manager at VoIPon Solutions and our sister company 4Gon, both leading distributors of communications equipment and serving customers worldwide. 

Today we’re going to look at the Yealink T41P IP Phone, part of Yealink’s newest range, the T4 series. Yealink is one of our biggest selling brands with their large selection of IP Phones and accessories. Let’s take a look at the T41P to find out why.

The T41P comes complete with:

  • a handset
  • base unit
  • Ethernet cable
  • Handset cord
  • Stand
  • A quick start guide.

Breaking free from the traditional design of Yealink VoIP phones seen in the T2 and T3 series, the T41P is more stylish and modern. Some notable features include ergonomic buttons, non-slip rubber feet and the removal of the paper insert for programmable keys. The newer Yealink phones now use ‘flexible buttons’ these are now programmed by the user for their needs.

The Yealink T41P comes with a number of excellent entry level features that makes the phone ideal for both home and business use.

  • Yealink Optima HD voice
  • Two point seven inch, one hundred and ninety-two by sixty-four pixel graphical LCD with backlight
  • Up to three SIP accounts
  • Paper label free design
  • PoE support
  • Headset
  • EHS support
  • Integrated stand with two adjustable angles and wall mountability

With flexible keys, this IP Phone supports a variety of productivity-enhancing features. Standard encryption protocols are also used to perform secure remote provisioning and software upgrades. The high quality LCD display, paired with Yealink Optima HD voice technology provides a superb audio and visual experience.

The entry level T41P is most similar to the SIP-T42G, also part of the T4 range. The phones share many similarities in features and physical appearance. The only difference between the two models is that the T42G uses Gigabit Ethernet, while the T41P uses ten by one hundred. To see how the T41P stacks up against other Yealink phones, simply click the link on screen to view our Yealink Detailed Comparison Guide. For even more information on any of these phones, please visit

After reviewing the Yealink T41P, we’ve given it a VoIPon Rating of eight out of ten. This is yet another great SIP Phone from Yealink. The T41P includes all the standard features you expect for a product suited to small and medium sized businesses. It does not support any expansion modules, but it does feature excellent interoperability with 3CX, Asterisk and Broadsoft.

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