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Product Reviews dinstardwg800

Published on June 4th, 2013 | by James Chapman


A Quick Look and Review of the Dinstar DWG2000-1G GSM VoIP Gateway

Dinstar, manufacturer of VoIP Gateways like the DWG2000C-4GSM2000D-32G GSM and DWG2008, are a hi-tech enterprise specializing in VoIP solutions and IP voice value-added services. They are the IP voice product and system manufacturer with the leading market share in China. Here, we are going to be taking a look at their DWG2000-1G GSM VoIP Gateway.


The Dinstar DWG2000-1G GSM VoIP Gateway (also known as the DWG2001) is a fully functioning VoIP gateway based on IP and GSM wireless networks, which provide a flexible network configuration, powerful features and good voice quality. It works for carrier grade, enterprise, SOHO and residential users for a cost-effective solution.

Key Features of the Dinstar DWG2000:

  • Built-in PPPoEclient for establishing a DSL link connection with the ISP. There is no need to install a further PPPoEdriver on computers.
  • Smart QoS that provides stable voice quality while users access internet from private LAN to internet at the same time.
  • It allows up to 16 concurrent calls, terminate calls from VoIP to GSM/CDMA network.
  • Fully compatible making it a flexible choice, worldwide GSM/CDMA network usable.
  • SMS sending and receiving, provides open API interface for third party to develop their own business.
  • Remote SMS recharge, Hot plug SIM cards, SIM cards ’ PIN protection, easy to maintain
  • Support 32 number manipulation rules ,replace the call prefix and send calls to different ports and port groups
  • More then 2 softswitch/SIP server send calls to DWG200x, white & black IP list management

What’s In The Box? 


  • x1 Dinstar DWG2001 SIP, GSM VoIP Gateway – 1 Channel (DWG2000-1G)
  • x1 WiFi Antenna
  • x1 AC Power Adapter
  • x1 Software Disc
  • x1 Ethernet Cable

The DWG2001 is small in size for a gateway and light in weight, but is built solid. The brushed metal finish and rounded edge gives it very good aesthetic appeal.


The DWG2001 is a small but effective VoIP gateway providing a cost effective solution to carrier grade, enterprise, SOHO and residential users. Other manufacturers who produce VoIP Gateways are Sangoma, Patton, Digium and Mediatrix.


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