Did you know that 2N OfficeRoute is a perfect solution for connecting a larger number of 2N Helios IP door intercom in the same network? You need just one 2N OfficeRoute without UMTS/GSM modules to connect up to 30 units. This is a reliable solution for communication between the door intercoms and IP Phones in the local network. In addition to this, you can communicate remotely over VoIP lines.

2N Helios IP


  • Stylish door communicator
  • One-box solution
  • Cisco certified
  • Full duplex audio
  • Video
  • Remote administration

The 2N Helios IP is a door communicator that perfectly combines state-of-the-art technology with a unique design. It is a communication system supporting both voice and video transmission, all in the IP environment by means of the SIP protocol.

The 2N Helios IP is an ideal product for any door communication environment. It can be utilised in companies as well as households, and thanks to numerous accessories, such as a display, card reader, attendance system or keyboard, we can satisfy a wide range of customers. It is a highly user-friendly device with easy installation and can be set via a web interface.

The 2N Helios IP door communicator is made of high quality steel, resistant to all ambient conditions. This ensures a long service life and stable appearance even when installed outdoors. The Helios IP will simply charm all your visitors – even before they enter.

2N OfficeRoute


  • Free calls within the company
  • High-speed Internet connection (up to 7.2 Mbps)
  • FAX sending
  • Mobility Extension
  • SMS sending/receiving
  • IP PBX features
  • Quick installation, easy maintenance

The 2N OfficeRoute is a mobile office which solves all the voice and data communication in your company without complicated installations. It allows you to call via VoIP/GSM/UMTS and supports analogue faxes. Thanks to the high-speed Internet connection by means of the UMTS network, the device can also be used as a router.

Another advantage of the 2N OfficeRoute is its internal VoiceMail with SMS server and the possibility it provides for sending messages from the web or directly from an email client. Using the 2N Mobility Extension feature you will be available anywhere, whether in or out of the office.

The 2N OfficeRoute is the optimal solution especially for SOHOs and SMEs who need IP communication. It will enable you to combine all necessary functionalities in one device, on top of which you will achieve significant savings on calling costs.

2N OfficeRoute is available in two versions: UMTS/GSM or GSM only (without UMTS module).