OpenVox, the global provider of open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software solutions, is now providing timing cables for Analog and T1/E1 cards to enable better fax quality and reliability on phone systems.

The OpenVox timing cable ACC0001 is a standard two pin jumper cable. It allows Analog cards and T1/E1 cards to share the same sync (timing) source from the T1/E1 line provider, or provide a consistent sync source across multiple cards. This is a useful feature for data and fax modes and some voice applications to prevent corruption due to timing slips on multiple cards in the same system. And thus the timing cable enables OpenVox users to experience superior quality fax service.

List of currently supported hardware:
A800P   Version 1.2
D110E   Version 1.1
D110P   Version 1.4
D410E   Version 1.2
DE410E  Version 1.2

List of pending-supported hardware:
A1200P  Version 3.1
A2400P  Version 1.0
DE115E  Version 1.2
DE115P  Version 1.2
D210E   Version 1.2
DE210E  Version 1.2

For purchasing the latest version of supported hardware, the timing cables will be included in the packages for free.