SIP Keypad Intercoms play an important role for many businesses as workers return to the offices on a hybrid or full-time schedule. Cyberdata’s keypad intercoms can help smooth the transition from home to office life.

5 Key Benefits of Cyberdata’s Keypad intercoms
  • Intercom doubles as an emergency notification endpoint
  • Two-way communication and access control while keeping both parties separated
  • Multiple setups and dialing options
  • Keycode entry for access control
  • Monitor and manage building access
SIP door intercom

The product supports up to 500 RFID cards. A card with a blacklisted code will trigger a phone call with a pre-recorded message and/or a multicast stream to IP notification endpoints. The access code list, designating valid entry times or blacklisted users, can be updated manually using the web interface, imported using the web page, or auto-provisioned using the same mechanism as a VoIP phone. For ease of managing your access list, we recommend using the 011425 RFID Secure Access Endpoint as a desktop enrollment device.

Sip Door Intercom Key Features
  • Built-in-time of access scheduler
  • Local and remote logging with timestamp
  • Network web management
  • Full Duplex voice operation
  • Supports 500 RFID Cards

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