VoIPoin Solutions are pleased to confirm that Digium have announced the release of its Switchvox Softphone for iPhone app.  This new Digium app offers the power of a Digium IP Phone on an iPhone, to enable enterprise mobility for Digium’s Switchvox business phone system users. The Switchvox Softphone for iPhone is simple to setup, and presents users with a rich feature-set to receive and make calls, set a personal status, check voicemail, and see a coworker’s status. The Digium IP Phone range and Digium Switchvox systems can be purchased via VoIPon.

The Switchvox Softphone for iPhone lets you take your business phone wherever you go, so that you have the tools you need to serve your customers effectively and collaborate with coworkers,” said Adam Kramer, product manager for the Switchvox product line. “Switchvox and the desktop Digium IP Phones set a high bar for quality and user experience, and the app raises that bar; it’s intuitive for users and effortless for administrators to manage.

The app delivers the same powerful communications experience that traditional desktop phone users have with Switchvox. That robust feature set is now extended to employees who take advantage of their company’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, as well as remote workers, telecommuters, and any of a company’s mobile workforce.

Features of Switchvox Softphone for iPhone

  • Receive and make calls including extension dialing directly from your iPhone
  • Advanced call control include; transfer, 3-way conference and even record
  • Control your status and see real-time status of your contacts
  • Incredibly simple configuration
  • Connectivity on any WiFi, 4G, or LTE network
  • And much more!

With the app, you can make and receive calls, record, transfer, and 3-way conference. Your favorite contacts are automatically displayed with their status details, and all of your Switchvox contacts are available for direct calls and transfers to voicemail. You can also access your iPhone contacts to dial any number via Switchvox. A call log displays your recent calls for easy reference and re-dialing, and audio options let you use the speaker or a headset.

The app also includes voicemail (play, delete, and call-back), and easy access to your status setting. The status you set in the app is available for your Switchvox coworkers to see, and can control what happens to your incoming calls and what greeting is played when callers reach your voicemail.

The Switchvox Softphone for iPhone demonstrates Digium are continuously improving its technology for Switchvox use. This app will enhance user experience of Switchvox and Digium IP Phones. Many of our customers will find this an essential tool for their business or organisation, said Craig Herrett Sales Manager at VoIPon Solutions.

See a brief walkthrough of the Switchvox softphone for iPhone.

The Switchvox Softphone for iPhone supports iOS 8 and is available for free in the Apple Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/switchvox-softphone/id905124827?ls=1&mt=8

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