Interoperability allows Customers to Combine Grandstream IP Cameras with ASUSTOR’s NAS servers and Surveillance Center app to create a Comprehensive Surveillance Recording and Monitoring Solution

 Grandstream has announced interoperability and integration between Grandstream’s GXV36xx IP Video Surveillance camera and ASUSTOR’s AS-series of NAS servers. Customers, integrators and businesses of all sizes can now use ASUSTOR’s versatile NAS servers paired with the Surveillance Center app to record and monitor Grandstream IP Cameras. Users would download ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center app onto their ASUSTOR NAS to turn it into a dedicated Network Video Recorder (NVR). The Surveillance Center app also allows users to add and configure Grandstream’s IP Cameras with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Surveillance Center is a powerful and comprehensive surveillance application for ASUSTOR NAS devices that was developed exclusively by ASUSTOR. Surveillance Center can be downloaded and installed free of charge from ASUSTOR’s App Central and also includes four free camera channels. Intuitive and easy to use, Surveillance Center features a quick installation wizard that helps users to set up their cameras and begin recording in just 5 easy steps. Also, ASUSTOR is the first in the NAS industry to feature the output of surveillance video feeds directly to a local display via HDMI. This means that ASUSTOR users can view all their surveillance feeds from the convenience of their TV, making it easy for them to keep an eye on all areas of their home, from the garage to the front door or even the baby’s room.

We are excited to announce this new partnership between Grandstream and ASUSTOR and we are thrilled about the possibilities this relationship offers to our customers,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “ASUSTORs NAS devices are a great option for users of Grandstream IP Cameras as they offer a versatile NAS server that functions as a powerful NVR with use of the Surveillance Center app. Grandstream’s IP Cameras offer a tremendous tool to ASUSTOR users to enable them to create a comprehensive recording and monitoring solution with cameras that lead the market in terms of price feature ratio.

Grandstream’s award-winning IP video surveillance cameras include model types for indoor use and outdoor use that feature high definition video recording and playback. Various models also include infrared lights or other features to achieve superior video quality in low light. With features like multi-rate H.264 and MJPEG real-time video compression (up to HD1080p), integrated 2-way audio telephony features, day/night mode, advanced mega-pixel CMOS sensor with wide dynamic range, integrated PoE and HTTP API for easy integration, Grandstream cameras embrace total convergence of voice and video to maximize business applications and cost benefits. For a unified audio + video + surveillance solution, Grandstream’s entire family of IP video cameras are capable of 2-way, bi-directional SIP/VoIP audio and real-time video streaming capabilities to mobile phones and video phones anywhere in the world.

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