Grandstream Networks, the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, is releasing its 3rd new product for $1 beta testing by the Grandstream Beta Club. Grandstream will be opening applications for this product test from July 9 – 22, 2014. Find out more about Grandstream UCM6100 IP PBX range.

Grandstream’s first two beta tests collectively received almost 1,000 applicants for a total of 100 available spots. Each beta test selected 50 members to participate on in-depth, hands-on testing of the new Grandstream GXV32xx line of IP Video Phones for Android TM. Testers provided suggestions, improvements and new feature requests through the Grandstream Beta Forum, and many of these recommendations are being implemented into the final products. Grandstream would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and hard work, and we look forward to receiving even more suggestions for the next test product.

For the next $1 beta test, the Grandstream Beta Club is looking for IP PBX technology enthusiasts; those who like to dig in and test new products and those whose innovative ideas can transform the IP communications market. Ideal applicants are those who have extensive experience with IP PBX appliances, E1/T1 networks and line provisioning, SIP platforms and endpoints, and show a dedicated interest in exploring IP technology and features.

The next product being released to the Grandstream Beta Club is an innovative IP PBX appliance with integrated E1/T1 interface and PRI/SS7/R2 signaling support. This powerful IP PBX is a breakthrough solution for converged voice, video, data fax, security surveillance, and mobility applications, with unrivaled functionality performance price competitivenesss. It features an integrated E1/T1 port, 2 FXO ports, 2 FXS ports, dual switched or routed Gigabit network ports, redundant power supplies, and hot-standby via future software upgrade. It also supports up to 50 SIP trunk accounts, 2000 SIP endpoint registrations, 200 concurrent calls, and 32 simultaneous conference attendees. 20 units of the IP PBX appliance will be available for Beta testing starting July 9, 2014.

To apply for the Grandstream Beta Club, go to

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