Grandstream has announced it will release a new, updated series of ATA’s which offer an updated and expanded feature set, as multiple models will feature integrated Gigabit Routers. If you are looking to connect analog phones to your VoIP network, the Grandstream’s HT Series is an outstanding solution. If you are interested in Beta testing one of the upcoming HT800 series models, you can apply to the Grandstream Beta Club before July 13th to be considered.


  • Utilize existing analog phones – Grandstream ATAs help you maintain investments in existing analog phones while allowing them to become part of any VoIP network
  • Integrated Gigabit – Some of the HT800 series ATAs also include integrated Gigabit routers to allow your ATA to double as your router – offering a 2-in-1 device.
  • Strong Security Protection – The same state-of-the-art security encryption technology offered by VoIP can now protect your analog devices too.
  • Fax Support – Integrate any T.38 fax line with your VoIP network to cut costs.

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