New Snom Firmware for the D3XX and D7XX series

Snom has published an important update by launching the version of its firmware. Following in-depth tests carried out by Snoms Quality Department with selected beta testers, the new firmware offers a number of improvements in terms of safety, stability, ease of use and functionality.

The new version of the firmware can be downloaded here:*

Warning: the update is aimed at all telephones in the D3XX and D7XX series from 2015 onwards. In some cases there could be some problems with previous versions or special installations!

*New* Snom Icon Interface

Snom, as the market leader in the professional IP telephony sector aims to make its devices as easy and convenient as possible to use for all customers, irrespective of their native tongue. The solution created by the Design Team is called Snom Icon Interface that transforms the previously textual menu into self-explanatory icons to provide users with intuitive support for daily telephone use.

The main advantage of this system is not only linked to easier usability but to using the Snom Icon Interface in daily life: for example a hotel could illustrate direct contact with the reception or room service on all telephones using simple icons.

Even more efficient

With the new version of the firmware telephones not only become easier to operate (Plug and Play), but will also be much more efficient with partners’ telephone systems. Every IP device, both in operational and stand-by mode, generates requests that must be processed by servers. Depending on the number of devices installed on the network peak loads can occur that can affect the performance of the servers. With the new version of the firmware however the requests are reduced to a minimum for each device to alleviate the pressure on the entire telephone system. In this way, in addition to improved functionality, maximum scalability is also guaranteed.

Interoperability, accessories and internal numbers

The interoperability of Snom products is particularly important to the company and strictly linked to firmware. The update to the version not only standardises the development of software on all Snom devices but also ensures the best possible interoperability with the world’s leading telephone systems producers. Furthermore the new version of the firmware includes modifications and improvements for our expansion modules and USB accessories like the D3 and D7.

The firmware download and a detailed overview of all the changes are available here.

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