CyberData V3 Outdoor Intercom 011186 CyberData are pleased to announce the release of the V3 Outdoor Intercom and the new Outdoor Keypad Intercom. Both devices now have our new faster processor, support SRST (in a CISCO environment) and have an IP64 rating. 

The CyberData V3 Outdoor Intercom 011186 and Cyberdata VoIP V3 Outdoor Intercom w/Keypad – 011214 comes with a new Design, with faster processor and increased IP rating. The CyberData V3 Outdoor Intercom new features  now supports SRST – Survivable Remote Site Telephony – in a CISCO environment.

CyberData V3 Outdoor Intercom 011186 Ideal Uses:

  • door entry phone 
  • mass notification
  • access control
  • emergency phone

Perfect for:

  •  schools and universities
  • nursing care & assisted living facilities
  • daycare facilities
  • offices
  • apartment complexes

Cyberdata VoIP V3 Outdoor Intercom w/Keypad – 011214 Features

  • priority-based multicast support 
  • push to talk function
  • night ringer function
  • event reporting
  • firmware uploads via the web
  • IP64 rated 


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