Frederic Dickey, Sangoma’s Product Manager took the time to chat with VoIPon’s Sales Manager, Alexis Argent, this past week at Call Center Expo in Birmingham, UK.

The show appeared to be a success for Sangoma and they told us they were happy to attend.

“There are some interesting companies, including high-end users in the call center space, but also a lot of really good open source solutions based on open source projects”, according to Frederic Dickey.

The conversation quickly moved to a discussion of Call Progress Analysis, which was the main reason Sangoma attended the show.

“Our NetBorder Call Analyzer product does call progress analysis for outbound call centers,” Dickey said.  “Here in the UK, OfCom, the regulatory body has very stringent certifications on outbound dialers, and part of it affects the quality of call progress analysis.”

The Sangoma product is interesting and can really help call centers using outbound dialers in the UK. It’s worth checking out. Sangoma has a white paper talking about this product here and it’s worth a read.

In terms of more traditional Sangoma products, we also learned that as a follow up to the B600 card the company released this past spring, (a combination single slot 4-port FXO and 1-Port FXS interface), Sangoma has a single T1 with an FXS slot on single interface in its beta phase and is looking for testers.

Dickey encouraged VoIPon customers to apply for the beta testing program.  Get in touch with us if you’re interested.