2N have released a new version of the 2N Attendance System 1.2.0, which offers numerous improvements and new functions for users.

A major advantage of the new version is the ability to configure the attendance system using the remote tool for the administration of 2N intercoms, the 2N Helios IP Manager. So it is no longer necessary to have both applications, the 2N Helios IP Manager and 2N Attendance System installed on one computer – each can now be on a different one.

You can now also configure the direction of passage for every reader, thanks to which the system can easily determine whether involves person is arriving or departing to/from work. It records this precisely and then calculates the time an employee spends at work using this data.

The new version also allows the export of data processed in greater detail, which offers more clearly structured source data for processing wages. Another improvement is the far simpler installation; users of the 2N Attendance System can install it very easily and intuitively.

You can download the 2N Attendance System version 1.2.0 on the 2N website in the Download section.

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