Tested and qualified with Lync Server 2013, SmartNode—the industry’s “most interoperable” VoIP gateway—makes Microsoft Lync unified communications (UC) server accessible for enterprises with non-qualified legacy and SIP phone systems.

Patton Electronics Company announced today that SmartNode VoIP media gateways have been tested and qualified for interoperability with Lync Server 2013 through Microsoft’s Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program (UCOIP) .

SmartNode eliminates the interoperability obstacles for companies that want to keep their legacy PBXs, phones, speakers, pagers, and fax equipment, existing FXS/FXO POTS service or ISDN BRI/PRI lines when implementing a unified communications solution based on Lync.

Enterprises operating otherwise non-compatible voice equipment and telephony network elements—including non-qualified SIP telephony systems—can use Lync-qualified SmartNode VoIP gateways to connect and interoperate with the Lync unified communications server.

By interconnecting Lync software with legacy voice technologies and the PSTN, SmartNode preserves investment in operational equipment while adding such rich benefits as voice-and-data survivability and least-cost call routing—all with the set-it-and-forget-it reliability of SmartNode.

The 2013 re-qualification assures customers that SmartNode interoperates seamlessly and reliably with Microsoft’s Unified Communications software.

When it comes to solving interop challenges, Patton’s history is long and strong,” said Burton A. Patton, EVP, “not only with Microsoft and Lync, but in the VoIP industry overall. SmartNode was the world’s first VoIP gateway that could actually get VoIP working in some extra-tricky ISDN environments. Burton A. Patton, EVP Patton

Swiss-engineered and US-manufactured at Patton world headquarters, SmartNode was the first Microsoft Lync-Certified VoIP solution to offer BRI interfaces.

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