Pika Technologies has announced its GSM Module for its Pika WARP Appliance. This will provide Asterisk and FreePBX developers with wireless connectivity options using the GSM standard.

According to the company in a recent news release, the GSM Standard is the most ubiquitous wireless standard in the world, with the number of GSM connected devices estimated at more than 4 billion by industry watchers such as research firm Informa Telecoms and Media and industry association 3G Americas. GSM technology is available on more than 800 networks in about 220 countries, with penetration rates in many instances far exceeding 100 per cent. This is particularly evident in Europe, where the traditionally high cost of landline telephone access has driven wireless adoption rates over the past decade to the point where many people have more than one GSM wireless device in lieu of a landline.

This new module will allow VARS and system integrators to take advantage of GSM connectivity with features that can yield dramatic cost savings and productivity gains for wireless subscribers.

Applications & Benefits

The GSM module provides two GSM channels or radios per module and uses two externally accessible SIM cards. It can also work in combination with other WARP Appliance expansion modules, such as analog trunk (FXO), analog station (FXS) and BRI. In addition, it provides:

  • Cost savings with Least Cost Routing (LCR) – For calls between landline and GSM or between different GSM networks, which can be very expensive, the FreePBX dial plan can be configured with a prefix that, when dialed, will route calls placed from a SIP or analog telephone over a GSM trunk.
  • Back-up – Should the landline network go down, GSM can be used as a cost-effective backup.
  • Land Line Displacement – For wireless carriers looking to build incremental traffic on their networks by displacing traditional telephone company land lines, Warp with GSM trunk connectivity provides a unique small/medium business telephone system option.
  • Remote and Temporary Installations – Warp with GSM is an excellent option for the installation of business telephone systems in remote areas where traditional, wired telephone lines may not be available, or may have extended installation intervals. It can also be a great option for temporary installations.
  • Increased productivity with SMS voicemail notification – No longer does a user need to continually check voicemail for that important message. Upon receipt of a voicemail, the owner of the mailbox can receive an SMS message that he or she has a new voicemail.

To learn more about the GSM Module for the WARP Appliance, download the datasheet at www.pikatech.com/GSM

The GSM module is now in Beta trials, and will be generally available early summer 2010.