It’s official. The following versions of Asterisk support Video Communications on the Polycom VVX1500.

  • Asterisk Business Edition C3.2.1 has the VVX interop fix
  • Switchvox SMB 4.0 18313 build or later will have the interop fix (auto-provisioning from Switchvox will not be available until Q1 2010)
  • Asterisk 1.4 (26.2) or later has it
  • Asterisk 1.6.0 (15) or later has it
  • Asterisk 1.6.1 (8) or later has it
  • Asterisk 1.6.2 (rc3) TBD
  • Asterisk BE C3.3 TBD

For more information please visit the Polycom Support pages, specifically the VVX1500 Knowledge base.