In a recent company newsletter, PORTech announced its new SBK-32 – 32 SIM Remote SIM bank.

This means that you can centralize, manage and securely store all your SIM cards in one place, while deploying your GSM gateway, such as the MV-37X VoIP GSM Gateways in many different locations so that you can choose the best GSM operators for your price plan. The SIM cards no longer need to be installed directly into the VoIP gateway and it is all connected and managed over the internet.

As technicians won’t need to travel to the installation site just to make a simple change, you can reduce costs and it will also minimize downtime for maintenance.

Some high level specs:

  • 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port, managed by a convenient web interface
  • Supports 32 SIM cards per SBK-32 unit
  • Enables you to choose the best GSM operators for your price plan
  • DIM: 20cm x 14cm x 16.5cm

Check out the VoIPon store for more details.

SBK 32 Remote SIM Bank

SBK 32 Remote SIM Bank