VoIPon Solutions are pleased to announce that the new range of Sangoma IP Phones are now available to order with next day delivery. We are the first Sangoma Distributor to have stock in the UK and in Europe!

The new phones are designed to work with FreePBX right out of the box, and feature Sangoma’s Zero Touch Technology.

The phones feature PoE, dual ethernet ports and have a full duplex speakerphone. All models are VPN capable. The Sangoma IP Phone range include an entry-level s300, mid-range s500, and the high end s700, for the most demanding business environments.

With tight FreePBX integration, users can control complicated features directly from their phones, and there’s no need to remember feature codes. User applications include: Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding and much more.

When customers buy and install any of these Sangoma phones, the redirection server automatically sends the phone line to the Sangoma Private Branch eXchange (PBX) for configuration. Other vendors have redirection servers, but they have to be pre-programmed with the IP PBX.

Craig Herrett, COO at VoIPon Solutions added:

The Sangoma IP Phones are proving to be highly disruptive within the marketplace. With their seamless compatibility with the most downloaded IP PBX software in the world it makes sense for them to quickly gain traction within the market. Add into that the free applications that come with connecting Sangoma phones with FreePBX, it makes them an excellent end point with unrivalled value”

Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma said:

VoIP telephones can be complex to install, and manually configuring many different parameters with dozens or hundreds of extensions can take hours. With Sangoma’s unique Zero Touch installation there is no complexity, since phones connect automatically with Sangoma’s PBX solutions”

Purchase the Sangoma phones now at VoIPon, the first to have stock in the UK and in Europe!

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