Sangoma Technologies expands their range of VoIP products in the Sangoma Software Building Blocks (SSBB) product line.

Sangoma Software Building Blocks launched a few years back with Sangoma SMG for SS7, a signalling and media gateway that supports the SS7 protocol.

In case you are unaware, SS7 stands for Signalling System 7 and is used predominantly to tear down and replace traditional telephony networks. This product is used in very large telephony systems, such as those that process 1000+ simultaneous calls.

What’s new to this product line is the NetBorder Suite, which includes software building blocks for call progress analysis, SIP-to-TDM Gateways, and home shoring building blocks that facilitate the development of remote agent software to run on Sangoma PSTN cards.

This technology will find its place in larger organisations such as Multinational corporations, Call Centers and more.

NetBorder Call Analyzer is an industry leading call progress analysis engine, which monitors call traffic and queues calls according to the clients needs and can be easily be altered as needed. It can help call centers operators connect very effectively with a live human, therefore, saving time and money.

It’s an interesting system.  Check it out here.