Sangoma have announced that their Vega 50 Gateway devices have been used as a solution by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in the United Kingdom. 

The Vega 50 series consists of a number of products with varying specifications:

Charged with providing information and support to the general public, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in the United Kingdom were looking to improve operational efficiency and reduce operational expenses by integrating innovative communications technology at the edge of the network. Without any expertise in this area, the CAB turned to Locall.Net, a UK-based provider of telecommunications networking services to develop a complete and modern telecommunications solution. 

The flexibility and simple configuration of Sangoma Gateways virtually eliminates any concern regarding integration of legacy equipment with IP routers and wide-area SIP trunking services,” explained Sean Gallagher, managing director of

What began as a cost-saving exercise progressed into an opportunity to offer a more efficient service to clients and improve the work flow for CAB staff. This simple change in the transport technology at the edge of the network provided tremendous flexibility and cost savings for the two CABs and would not have been possible without the proven ease-of-configuration and reliability of Sangoma Gateway solutions.

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