Ease of Installation and Provisioning

As a provider of telecoms services, you have to supply your customers with great products as well as great service. This means finding terminals that impress and delight your customers, whilst still being reliable and easy to configure and support.

At Panasonic, a great deal of thought has gone into ensuring that both end users and telecoms service providers have a lot to like in the KX-UT series of SIP terminals.

Your customers will love the best in class sound quality, ease of use and low power consumption; while you will be impressed with the quality and versatility of the available configuration options – from local configuration via the built-in web server, through to completely automated bulk setup using a Panasonic redirection server delivering fully automatic ‘hands free’ configuration. Your customers just need to “plug in and turn on”.


Supplying telecoms services is a global business, and Telephony Service Providers (TSPs) are expected to support equipment wherever it is deployed. With the KX-UT series of SIP terminals, Panasonic has gone to great lengths to make deployment and support as easy as possible, whatever your customers location.

The Panasonic KX-UT series enables no fewer than three types of provisioning, with various degrees of automation, giving you all the options you need to provide premium service levels to your customers. Panasonic’s remote administration and automatic configuration technologies are designed to minimise project roll-out time, reduce TSP costs and improve the user experience.

Provisioning in 3 Ways
Panasonic Redirect Server
Pre-provisioning DHCP (Option 66) for TFTP/FTP
Manual Device Provisioning
Remote Maintenance (TR-069)
Remote Maintenance (Broadsoft DMS)
Easy Firmware Update on Site
Provisioning and Maintenance is as Important as the product when delivering a cost effective customer service

As a service provider you can choose the configuration system that best meets your needs:

  • Redirection Server – All the terminals ship with the address of the redirection server built-in. At power up, the phones contact the redirection server to identify their provisioning server. In turn, the provisioning server supplies complete configuration data to the phone. The customer simply – plugs in, turns on – and receives service once configuration completes.
  • Provisioning Server with preconfigured URL – For high volume TSPs with their own provisioning server, Panasonic can pre-configure the phones with a provisioning server address.
  • DHCP option 66 (RFC2132) – For larger, local installations, DHCP option 66 can be used to provide the address of a TFTP server which provides configuration files to the phones.

In order to ensure data security, HTTPS server certificates are supported, to allow secure transfer and connection to the provisioning server.

Whichever provisioning system you choose, your customers’ systems can be up and running securely, accurately and quickly.

Panasonic KX-UT series SIP terminals – Make yourself heard.

For more information on the Panasonic KX-UT SIP Phone Terminal range, please visit the respective models’ product page:

Panasonic KX-UT SIP Phones Comparison Table






LCD Display Monochrome Graphical Greyscale Graphical Colour 256k
LCD Size 242 x 55 pixels – 3 lines 242 x 109 pixels – 6 lines 4.4 inch 7 inch touch
LCD Contrast 6 levels No
LCD Backlight None On/Off/Auto 15/Auto
HD Video No 720p
Install Options
Desk Mount Tilt No Yes – 2 positions
Wall Mount KX-A432 (optional) KX-A433 (optional) KX-A434 (optional)
Power Adaptor KX-A239 (optional) KX-A422 (optional)
Ethernet Ports 1 – 10/100 2 – 10/100 2 – 10/100/1000
Power Over Ethernet Yes
Bluetooth No Yes Optional
Audio Features
Handset, Speaker, Headset Voume 8 levels (includes echo cancellation and distortion prevention) 15 levels
Ringtones 32
Ringer Volume 6 levels + Off 7 levels + Off
Headset Port 2.5mm
Electronic Hook Switch Control Port None 3.5mm Plantronics Compatible
Audio Codec G.711, G.722, G.726, G.729a G.711, G.722, G.729a
Soft Keys Yes – 4 Yes – Screen
Programmable Keys 0 24 24
( 3 pages of 8 )
( 4 pages of 6 )
0-9, *, # Keys Yes Yes – Screen Keys
Nav & Cancel Keys Yes On Screen + Menu Keys
Software Features
Phone Book (Entries) 100 – 5 numbers each 500 – 5 numbers each Depends on Memory**
Call Log Entries None 30 incoming + 30 outgoing 100 in + 100 out
Conferencing 3 parties with terminal – multi party dependent on server
XML XML Application Support from Q1 2012
Music On Hold Supplied by host service (PBX/SIP Server)
IP Features
SIP Accounts 2 4 6
SIP Compatibility RFC 3261 Standard SIP Server, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Panasonic SIP PBX
IP Version IPv4
DHCP Client Yes
SNTP Client Yes
VLAN (802.1q) Yes
QoS (DiffServ) Yes
802.1x No Yes
Plug & Play Config. Server based configuration, TR-069, Panasonic Redirect Server
Manual Config. Internal with Configurator, Local (LCD based) network configuration

* – Preliminary Specifications

** – Up to 500 connected to NS1000