VoIPon Solutions are pleased to announce that snom have unveiled their new wireless DECT range with the snom M65 IP DECT phone and snom M700 multi-cell base station.

The new snom M65 handset and M700 multi-cell base station have been designed to improve coverage within businesses by expanding mobile ability coverage over several floors throughout large buildings.

The new snom products are due to be shipped in late October 2014.  If you can’t wait, they look very similar to RTX  product range, another DECT provider. The RTX products in question are the RTX RTX8630 IP DECT  and the RTX RTX8630 IP DECT Handset, which are both available for purchase.  

About the M65 and M700 and thier key features

The new snom M65 handset combines business communications functionality with the intuitive features offered by mobile carriers. snom have stated the phone is ideal for businesses that require mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings.

The new generation of snom DECT phones integrates seamlessly with existing phone systems for presence, paging and other capabilities, and is far less expensive and offer better call quality than cellular phones.

The new snom M700 multi-cell base station delivers expanded coverage over several floors or throughout large buildings. It links multiple M700 base stations together to form a network enabling free movement and seamless handover between base stations for uninterrupted calls while moving from one base station to the next.

The M700, which can be used in single cell or multi-cell configuration, supports up to 200 handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters in the same installation.

The M65 phone has a two-inch backlit color display and a backlit keypad for dialing in poor lighting conditions. Other features include wideband audio (including speakerphone) for the crispest voice quality, six polyphonic ringtones and vibration setting for incoming calls.

Tom Ostrander, snom Director of North American Channel Sale, said:

M65 DECT phone and M700 base station represents a new generation of feature-rich mobility for business users, these new products offer expanded range, and more features and flexibility for administrators to easily increase the number of users while maintaining performance.

DECT phones offer a multitude of benefits for business users and administrators including: large coverage area, low cost; high capacity; very high security and call quality.

Base stations, which are an integral part of DECT infrastructure and cordless VoIP communications, support HD audio and synchronize themselves – no additional hardware necessary.

The new snom M5 repeater, which includes DECT encryption, increases reception range and bridges any gaps between base stations, ensuring the continuity of calls and eliminating blind spots.

The snom M65 DECT phone and M700 base station are interoperable with all major VoIP systems.

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