VoIPon are pleased to announce that a brand new version of 2N’s Indoor touchscreen communicator will be available to all partners and customers. The Updated 2N® Indoor Touch will run on the Android operating system and offer its users many useful functions. Compared to the original version, it stands out thanks to its elegant design, black colour and, most importantly, the final price, which is almost €140 lower. The 2N Indoor Touch Communicator works alongside the 2N Helios IP Intercoms.

2N Indoor Touch Communicator Features

Compared to the original model, the main benefits of the new generation 2N® Indoor Touch are not only the more favourable price, but also the Android 4.2 operating system. It supports software applications from 2N and third parties that can be used, for example, for home automation systems. The 7” touchscreen display made of real glass has also been improved and can now boast higher resolution and a standby mode. The multicolour LED status indicator is practical, as is the power supply using PoE and surface installation.

In addition to this, VoIPon customers will appreciate the very simple and intuitive control—important functions are available with one click from the start screen. So on the panel display users can easily find out who is standing at their door, display missed calls or start a conversion with a visitor or neighbour. On the multifunctional communicator they can also watch video from a camera built into the intercom on the entry door. In addition, the 2N® Indoor Touch enables them to take calls at various places in an apartment, set “Do Not Disturb” status for moments of rest, open the door lock and switch lights on.

VoIPon are eager to guarantee a top-quality product for clients, so 2N’s development of this new panel should fill this need. Today 2N have completely developed a new communicator in order to be more independent from supplier’s capacities.  For VoIPon customers and partners the benefit is again a markedly lower final price therefore more competitive product. So the stylish, luxury design of the door communicator now contains an internal touchscreen unit.

VoIPon Sales Manager Craig Herrett added:

We are pleased to see the new developments for the 2N Indoor Touch Communicator.  The 2N brand is very popular with our clients due to the high quality equipment they continue to produce.

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