Spectralink have updated their 7000 series of wireless IP handsets.

The updated will include models that feature:

  • Software update over the air
  • Shift replaceable battery feature
  • New handsets (to replace retired handsets)
  • New part numbers

The Spectralink 7000 series includes the following models, aimed at a range of different uses:

The Spectralink Butterfly is an entry level phone, aimed purely at office use.

The 7202 and 7212 are low feature models aimed at the office, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

The Spectralink 7522 and 7532 are targeted towards both the office and hospitality industries.

The 7622 and 7642 are aimed at both personal safety and manufacturing.

And the 7722 and 7742 are targeted at both healthcare and personal safety.

The Spectralink 7480 is special purpose and is aimed at the lone worker. It is robust, high in quality and designed for uses in potentially explosive environments.

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