Recently Switchvox SMB 4.6 was released. The new features in this 4.6 release have been added to Switchvox SOHO in release 4.6.2.

Designed for your peace of mind, Switchvox SMB 4.6 and SOHO 4.6.2 will help you protect your Switchvox systems even more, while streamlining tech support access, updates, and backups.

Below are a few benefits of this latest release for Switchvox:

Helps you protect Switchvox

  • Automatic IP blocking denies a network connection to IP addresses that have repeatedly tried to reach Switchvox with invalid login information
  • Requiring strong passwords means that outsiders won’t be able to easily discover valid login information

Makes it easier to manage Switchvox

  • A new Switchvox tech support access tool, so you don’t have to make changes to your firewall
  • Separate Download and Apply options for Updates so you can control when restarts happen
  • Segmented Backup files so you can safely restore from backup even when files get big

Want more details?
Learn all about the features in Switchvox SMB 4.6 and SOHO 4.6.2
Click here to watch the online, interactive training presentation.

On December 13, a notification email will be sent to Switchvox SOHO customers, letting them know that the update has been released. To check a customer’s Subscription status in the partner portal, go to:

TIP: How to Update Switchvox

To update a Switchvox SOHO system, make sure you take a backup first, and then simply navigate to the “Updates” page in the Administrator’s section of the Switchvox SOHO system and click the button to apply the new update.
 For more detailed update procedures, please consult the Switchvox Administrator Manual. If you have any questions about Switchvox SOHO 4.6.2, please don’t hesitate to contact us.