VoIPon and Sangoma are offering an Open Telephony Training Seminar designed to teach users of Asterisk and FreePBX advanced topics to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot and administer their solution between December 8th-11th, 2015.

The course is designed around lab exercises that will take users through advanced concepts, technical learning and real world experiences from Sangoma’s expert trainers. The 4-day , hands on training course enables users to succeed in the PBX market.

  • Day 1: Introduction and Setup of the FreePBX System
  • Day 2: Deep Dive into Modules, Add-ons and Enhancements
  • Day 3: SIP Trunking, User Control Panel, Advanced Asterisk Functions
  • Day 4: Course Wrap-up, Q&A
The course will run from 8-11 December 2015 in Chelmsford, Essex. Register Now

This training seminar will teach advanced topics to market, sell, deploy, troubleshoot, customize and administer Asterisk/FreePBX solutions relevant to all FreePBX based systems including the Official FreePBX Distro, AsteriskNow, trixboxCE Elasitx, pbxinaflash, and other less common ones and custom installs. The class is designed around a series of labs that build up towards more advanced concepts and go over many aspects of configuring both inbound and outbound call flows, interconnecting to remote systems and many opportunities to go over troubleshooting skills as part of the lab exercises.We leverage the technical learnings and supplement it with significant real world experiences to teach how to effectively market and sell to succeed in the lucrative PBX market.

Each student will be equipped with their own FreePBX Demo Kit (and get to keep the gear). The kit includes:

  • 1 FreePBX Appliance System 50
  • 1 Phone System

Who Should Attend

With four days and a large range of topics from technical to marketing and sales, this seminar appeals to a wide variety of professionals:

  • Persons/organisations selling, provisioning, and deploying open source PBXs
  • IT professionals deploying PBXs in their own organisation
  • Telephony professionals and carriers exploring the world of open-source Asterisk-based PBXs
  • Organisations deploying Inbound Call Centers of any size with FreePBX or PBXact

The course is designed for professionals with some prior exposure to Asterisk and FreePBX who wish to expand their knowledge in this aggressive training seminar. You should contact us and discuss your individual situation if you plan on attending with no previous FreePBX experience.

Course Objectives

  • Obtain required knowledge to comfortably work with the Linux command line to address remote PBX administration needs
  • Understand components of Asterisk and FreePBX and how they fit together
  • Understand the architecture and key components of FreePBX and where to look if/when things go wrong
  • Understand basic Asterisk concepts and terms and what they mean
  • Be efficient at FreePBX deployment planning and all the required basics, MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes), Effective IVR planning and construction, inbound and outbound routing, DID assignments, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution – Queues) and Ring Group usage, Fax integration and considerations
  • Understand 911/E911 considerations and where FreePBX may be able to help
  • Understand TDM (DAHDi) and VoIP (SIP, IAX) trunking and configuration, branch office integration
  • Understand basic telephony and work with the telco providers to effectively troubleshoot
  • Understand and address Security concerns of the PBX installation
  • Understand Marketing, positioning, competition, selling, sales cycle and techniques to differentiate your offerings in the small to medium business PBX space
  • FreePBX Call Centers will cover many of the configuration implications and available tools to implement larger inbound call centers with FreePBX
  • Learn about FreePBX Commercial Modules and PBXact

If you want to learn more, see the OTTS course description.

The course will run from 8-11 December 2015 in Chelmsford, Essex. Register Now

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