VoIPon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers showcasing their new range of products. 

VoIPon founder Alexis Argent catches up with Grandstream about their new Video Conferencing Unit, the Grandstream GVC3200

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello, my name is Alexis Argent. I’m the Founder of VoIPon Solutions, we’re a distributor based out of the UK. I’m here at CeBIT 2015 which is one of Europe’s largest technology shows, and I’m joined with Adam for Grandstream who’s in Technical Support. Adam’s going to introduce us to a new product from Grandstream, their IP Video Conferencing System. Perhaps you can introduce us, Adam?

Adam, Grandstream Networks: Of course, Alexis. Here we have the GVC3200 which is the newest IP video conferencing system from Grandstream Networks. Here we have a built-in, one device which has a PTZ camera and built-in MCU so you don’t need to have extra parts. It’s all in one device based on Android 4.4. This is the first device on the market which is made on Android 4.4. It comes with 3 HDMI out ports, one HDMI in and a VGA port in for remote presentation sharing for instance.

We have here on the screen the main menu of the GVC3200. Like you have in your Android phone, we have the applications in here, you can browse the Internet, see the call history, do recordings and use the Play store. The benefit from the power of the Android is the installing of other applications. We have here a special market, GS Market, which has optimised applications for the GVC like Lync, Google Hangouts, Skype, and many other coming. Know that you can use Google Play in order to use your daily basis applications on the GVC3200.

Here we have the camera application which is a very important application. It enables you to control the camera up and down without any issues. Zoom in, zoom out, and it has a very special feature which is the presets. So if I am in a conference room, I can save many presets, many locations, and do it on the fly on a call without any issues. I can show you some presets that we do have in here. For example you can have up to 24 presets – you can zoom in here to apply the preset on the fly. We can use another preset for this one that shows the zooming capability of the powerful PTZ 12x zoom camera.

As well we have the schedule application, a very important application. It enables you for instance, if you are not able to configure right now the conference and add members, it can do it for you. Let’s say I have a conference at 4pm and I’m not at the office, it can do it for me and invite other people to the conference without me being involved. It remind me as well that I do have a conference as it is fully integrated with Google Calendar, so if you are using Google Calendar you can use it as well to sync and use with this application.

Here, this is the call application, the main application which can enable you to reach remote offices. The remote offices can have a GVC3200 as well, the can have a SIP video phone, they can have a video capable softphone and they can have a camera to add to the conference and see the video from it.

So now we will try to reach our branch office in America. So, as before, you can use a SIP or camera for example, and have the feed from it.You can have the feed from another SIP IP video phone. Here, on the screen as you can see, this is our remote office in America which has a GVC3200. Here we have the call menu so we can mute members, add members, delete members, pause members for example pause their video, and here is the turn on presentation. A very important presentation, for example I have a Powerpoint here on my screen, Excel sheet, anything I’m working on using my laptop, I just connect via the port in, HDMI or VGA as you like. I can share with those people remotely, which are conference attendees, I can share with them the Powerpoint presentation, the Excel sheet. I am working on it and they are following with me. Plus, the remote party can choose what to see, for example it can see the Powerpoint presentation and me as well on the picture. What you are seeing on the camera, it can see other attendees and you have this flexibility that lets you switch between the Powerpoint or the other attendees, or have them both as well.

Also an important feature with the GVC3200 enables you to bridge the SIP port as well as the Android would. For example I am on the conference and would like to use my preferred application, perhaps Lync, perhaps Google Hangouts, Skype or other applications. I can use it without losing the call – I will have my SIP video call which is running as well as Skype call running or a Lync call running – or from your Android application as well.

Here you can end the conference. The contacts for example you have on your Android phone, you can add contacts, import contacts and it gives you more flexibility to be in touch with the other remote attendees of the conference. This is where you can change the settings and this is a customisable icon which enables you to use the one you are using the most, so for example if I use recording a lot, I can put it there. It is based on the need of the customer and what he is frequently using.

Overall, this is the main feature of the GVC3200, a very powerful device on Android 4.4 enables you to use the camera, applications, you can record calls, conferences, and it has a very flexible camera which is 12x zoom.

VoIPon: That’s excellent – well thanks very much for the introduction. When can we expect this unit to be shipping and be available to customers?

Grandstream: Approximately in June we expect to release this device for the market.

VoIPon: OK that’s great. Thanks very much for your time Adam, I really appreciate it.

Grandstream: You are very welcome Alexis, thank you very much.

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