VoIPon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers on show. 

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to Yealink about their new Video Conferencing Units, the Yealink VC400 and VC120

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello we’re here at cebit 2015. My name is Alexis Argent, the Founder of VoIPon Solutions based in the United Kingdom. I’m here with Christina who is the EMEA Sales Director for Yealink and we’re very excited to be taking a first look and cutting edge look at the demonstration of the new Yealink Video Conferencing units, the VC400 and VC120. Perhaps you can tell us a little bit more about it Christina?

Christina Yu, EMEA Sales Director, Yealink: Yes, you can see the new Yealink VC Series Video Conferencing System. We have the codec built in to the main unit here and the conference phone. You can use it as a conference phone too if you do not need the video conferencing. There is support for 4 full HD video conferencing cameras. The Cameras are 18x optical zoom to assure good quality video for meetings. We support a few screens in this way. You can use content sharing for presentations from your computer to your customers. It is important to realise that it is license free. You pay only one price.

VoIPon: I see. I understand there are other competitors in the market such as Polycom and AVer. Why should people purchase this Yealink conferencing systems than perhaps another competitor?

Yealink: I think the most important thing to realise is that it is easy to use and deploy and it is price competitive. You know we have many advanced features and you only need one button to achieve content sharing. It only takes a few minutes from opening the box to set it up and work. It is very important to make sure the system is easy to deploy, for e.g in the branch office that is plug and play to work professionally, so you do not need technician from the head office to the branch, just to install the system, its very easy.

VoIPon: So essentially ease of installation and being price competitive compared competition are major advantages. Well thank you very much for your time Christina. Its been very interesting for you to talk me through that product.

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